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Our Approach

The Ionic DeZign Studios approach is different. No matter what the project — a ground up design-build or renovating an existing structure — we help clients recognize their own vision and use it as a guide in our design work. We incorporate this vision while creatively meeting the functional demands of the final product.

Working with the IONIC team means you get an impressive portfolio of experience and expertise, from site space planning through full construction management, as we bring your vision to life.

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“We take great pride in the philosophy that our deZigns create projects that become Art You Can Walk Through.”

– Eugene Thompson, IONIC President and Founder

Our Work

The IONIC team is experienced in a wide range of architectural design projects. We are particularly well known for our blend of creative and functional work in corporate interiors, office buildings, restaurants, retail development and worship centers.

IONIC Masterplan

The IONIC team knows what is means to be a little… out there. That’s where we want to be! Not all of our creative drafts are meant to be built. Some of our renderings are solely meant to push boundaries, propose new architectural heights and to position IONIC as thought leaders in commercial and residential design. We call this the IONIC Masterplan.

Two Locations, One Team

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Our Virginia Beach headquarters is a custom designed space that is all IONIC. The space is a delicious blend of form and function that inspires creativity while optimizing our work processes. The environment was designed from the ground up to foster collaboration and facilitate processing large volumes of work professionally, accurately and fast.

Richmond, Virginia

Our Richmond office joined the IONIC team in 2015 as the former William Henry Harris & Associates. This location handles the bulk of our worship related projects and we have completed more than 600 churches in the central and Hampton Roads Virginia regions.

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