VHDA Certified

We spent the morning at the VHDA office in Richmond getting our certification for Universal Design. I had seen the office several times as it was only three minutes from the hotel I stay at when I visit IONIC Richmond. So that means about a mile away from from our office.

What does VHDA do? A lot, but for starters:

I was impressed with the amount of information we were educated on and the process about how they focus on design that accommodates more users. Universal Design is not the same thing as ADA American Disabilities Act. It has different criteria.

As we continue to move forward with mixed use and multi-family projects, this will help us guide our clients in a manner that could certainly benefit them.

One of the interesting displays that they had at their headquarters was a full mock up that you could roll a wheelchair through. It’s not as easy as you might think. The circle depicts the 5’ handicap circle required in commercial work. Rumor has it they may be increasing it to 66”.

Examples of ways a cabinet can appear perfectly normal for a residence but a few adjustments in the cabinet can help those with disabilities still function in their own kitchen. This drawer was cut in half and a lower counter or cutting board was added.

Make sure your projects have the appropriate backing for support of grabbars (other side of the wall). I’ve seen these installed just in the drywall and get pulled out the first time someone really needs them.

A great day spent getting some valuable information in order to better help our clients find solutions to their design and construction problems.

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