Expanding Our Territory

One of the most exciting parts of architecture isn’t so much the act of designing something, it’s the revelation during it’s conception. And by conception, I mean the act of creating the space, structure, building etc.

As architects and engineers, we try to do our job at creating the “visual”. Creating the “how-to”. Creating the “inspiration”. But honestly, it comes down to great builders that take our doodles, our ramblings, our piles of paper and turn them into living breathing buildings.

Too far? Ok maybe!

For twenty five years, I have heard the argument between architects and contractors. One fighting the other. And unfortunately, we’ve have experienced it. IONIC has chosen to work with the best in the industry to accomplish the work….not just for us, but especially for YOU, our clients.

As a team comes together from the conception of a project idea, vision or dream, it’s so satisfying to know that the contractor has your back and you have his. A common goal for our client.

To produce a product seamlessly and efficiently without forsaking aesthetics or foregoing economy is one of the primary goals that we strive for at IONIC.

Enjoy some of our pictures of a Wendy’s restaurant “Smartbuild” in Portsmouth, Virginia. Its not often we get the opportunity to celebrate a Grand Opening. The owner invited our team and the entire community to celebrate in the new store.

Thanks to the entire team to help get this one completed.