Push to the Finish

I have ran a lot of marathons over the last few years and no matter how exhausted I am near the finish, I always manage to dig deep and push at the end to cross the line. Always trying to finish strong.

So what do we do at work when we get to December? Stop short? Slack off? Coast through the holidays? Yep…..that’s what we often feel towards the last days of the year. Everybody else is doing the same, right?

So…..Welcome to the last month of the year! While it might be tempting to take your foot off the gas, coast through the remainder of the year, and set your sights on how great next year is going to be (and it’s going to be great, without question), consider a few things:

1. December is 1/12th of the year – equal to 8.333% of your productivity and bottom line.

2. Would you light more than 8% of your income on fire just because you needed amusement?

3. You have a couple of choices for December: double-down on any goals you haven’t quite achieved yet, or relax and let the chips fall where they may.

I have never seen a race where the leader eases up at the end, only to lose the race to the guy who is giving his all? I suggest you run through the tape (in this case, December 31st…..however I’ve never been able to run through a tape….never been first), which also means you’re going to have some pretty sweet momentum as you start the new year!

Even if you take off the last couple of weeks of the year, you can finish strong and set yourself up to win big time next year.

Now, I’m sure wondering how you finish strong and start next year with momentum. I’m glad you asked …

Step 1: Create a plan for December and be intentional about the days you work, and the days you don’t. Set 3 goals for the month, find some accountability, and go for it like you mean it!

Step 2: Schedule time (1-2 hours at most) to do a review of the year.
1. What worked?
2. What didn’t work?
3. How did you do on your goals this year (so far)?
4. What would you do differently if you had the year to do over?
5. What did you learn about yourself?
6. What was great about the year?
7. Any wins you might want to celebrate?

Step 3: Schedule another block of time to create an Annual Plan for next year and Goals, and then do a 12 Week Plan so you exponentially increase your odds of achieving your desired outcomes.


Happy Holidays and here is to your best December and New Year yet!

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