Grace Bible Church

VISIONEERING with Grace Bible Church

For most of us, the new year is a time of reflection. A moment to consider the last twelve months and start planning for the future. Even if you do it every year of your life (or the life of your business), it never gets easier. That’s because, where you will be in the next five, ten or fifteen years is a difficult question to answer. Harder still if the future includes planning for a new building, renovation or move.

With IONIC, it’s easier. Not only have we helped countless businesses plan new spaces and renovations that include any potential future, but we do it every day. We call our process VISIONEERING.

Visioneering is about more than the spaces we plan. We apply decades of specialized industry experience to understand our clients and make sure their current and future needs are accounted for. Often, we know what they need more than they do, because we do this work every day.

That was the case with Grace Bible Church. They were ready to accommodate a growing congregation with a second location – a new campus in Norfolk, VA – but wanted to do so within specific budget restrictions. IONIC went to work, strategically planning for their evolving and future needs with their current constraints, and developing a conceptual design for the new building.

Ultimately, IONIC assisted Grace Bible Church in repurposing a 21,000 square-foot office building into their new worship location. The design mimics the contemporary feel of the primary location in Virginia Beach while utilizing the existing office space’s footprint to create a beautiful worship space with room for growth. All while staying within budget. IONIC partnered with Hoy Construction who helped from the very beginning to develop the budgets and goals for the team.