Commercial Property build with IONIC Design Studios

Re-DeZigning With IONIC

We work hard for our clients. Often, that means making a preexisting building work for them, too. We may be architects but there’s a lot more involved in our practice than simply building from scratch. 

IONIC has been repurposing pre-existing structures for ages, but it’s a rising trend for many reasons. Where our clients couldn’t afford building from the ground up, this practice provides a solution. Not only does it save money, but time as well. Repurposing a space can begin and end before teams of contractors would have finished building it. 

Our favorite part? Seeing where a property begins and what we can turn it in to! We’re currently in full swing of converting an old Norfolk, VA funeral home into a mini-storage facility. Originally an inhospitable and quite “horrific” site, this 14,345 square foot space will soon be a bright, welcoming and spacious location for our long-term client’s newest venture. The new building will feature 100+ climate controlled storage units. With IONIC architect Bart McElfresh at the helm, we expect the project to be completed by mid-2021.