Like any other organization, Ionic DeZign Studios has a set of Core Values. We’ve specifically chosen and defined these values to offer our clients and community quick insight into what makes us tick and how we work.

As time goes by, we believe it’s important to revisit these guiding fundamentals to make sure they still represent who we are. Recently the IONIC team did just that, starting with Innovation. 

Often, when someone hears the word “innovation” they think of cutting-edge industry tools or the use of specialized software and equipment. While we have these top-of-the-line goods at our fingertips, the IONIC team understands that there is more to our type innovation than just the technology we use.

With that, our new definition of Innovation surfaced.

Innovation it’s isn’t the technology we use, it’s how we use it. With the IONIC VISION. 

Innovation as our Core Value defines not only our functional capabilities like creating amazing 3D renders or a fast-turn around, but it’s also our perspective. Why stick to the status quo when you can create, engineer and transform? With that definition of innovation in mind, our firm uses advanced technology to build spaces with recognizable characteristics, one-of-a-kind elements and fresh solutions that serve our client’s needs as well as their creativity.

What to take a look for yourself? Here are just a few recent examples of IONIC Innovation: