Core Values Revisited: Teamwork

Ionic DeZign Studios has accumulated a broad range of experience over its more than 20-year history. The firm has performed master planning, interior design, space planning, contract administration (and more) for projects ranging from community worship centers to cutting-edge office buildings, apartments, retail and industrial facilities. But experience isn’t the only secret of IONIC’s success. It’s another word: teamwork.

“Teamwork makes the team, work”

As a Core Value, teamwork is not taken lightly around here. We spend ample time contemplating ways to encourage our people and improve team processes. It’s impossible to simplify it all into a list, but we’re going to pick out a few of the most important aspects of our team-based company culture.

Candor – Good ideas come from anywhere. In order for those ideas to be brought forth, the freedom to speak without fear of being shot down, criticized or penalized is critical. We believe that every idea is worth sharing and that honest feedback is the responsibility of every team member.

Retreats – We schedule time away from the studio with our team on a quarterly basis to review status, plan and discuss ways to improve the way they work. These sessions throughout the year confirm that our team is healthy and eager to find new ways to improve projects and processes.

Fun – We take random opportunities to stop work, bond with the team and have fun. We also try to keep our work fun, itself! By connecting with people on a more personal level, we build a dedicated, loyal team that loves what they do.

Credit – We give our team “ownership” over the work they perform. Our team members are given the responsibility and freedom over their creativity and what they produce. They have a stake in every decision.

Tools – Imagine a rough framing carpenter without a proper framing hammer. The nail may be driven, but with difficultly, inefficiency and a very unhappy carpenter. We invest in the tools needed to properly communicate and perform our work. Software, hardware and everything in between is kept up to date and appropriate for the work that we are producing.

Excellence – We strive for excellence, not perfection. Much frustration in leadership stems from leaders requiring their team to perform the work the same way that they would. We have built our team with smart, creative people and choose to let them do what they do.

IONIC would be much different today without the well-functioning team atmosphere we’ve cultivated. It would be impossible to push boundaries, expedite designs, satisfy clients or even complete the simplest of plans without a team that goes to work for each other.

Take a look below at what some of our team members are working on!