Core Values Revisited: Family

More than two decades have passed since IONIC’sFounder and President, Eugene Thompson, left his corporate job to pursue doodling in his living room and to ultimately begin Ionic DeZign Studios. Rather than another run-of-the-mill corporate culture, Eugene knew that IONIC would be different. In addition to other Core Values such as Teamwork and Innovation, Eugene wanted to establish a company that supported the important balance between work, family and community while still being successful on a national scale.

That’s why FAMILY was designated to be of particular importance when IONIC’s Core Values were created.

Since then, Ionic DeZign Studios has really become a family affair! That’s because Gideon Thompson, Eugene’s son, is also part of the IONIC team as Director of Operations.

As a Senior Architect in addition to the Founder, Eugene is an active and face-forward participant in planning and building the unique spaces that IONIC is known for. On the other hand Gideon works behind the scenes in collaboration with not only his father but the rest of the IONIC team to ensure that IONIC’s financial, administrative and human resources needs are met and delivered upon daily. This father/son duo works in tandem to ensure that the IONIC brand continues to successfully drive forward and that Family remains an important part of the company culture.

When Ionic DeZign Studios began and it’s Core Values established the goal was to cultivate a company of people who enjoy their jobs. The best way to do that, is to make it more about the people than the job. By having Family as a Core Value, and family making up the company itself, the importance of spending time with the people we care about will always be present.