Bigger and Better! 

Team IONIC has been growing! Last year was one of the busiest years we’ve had and we only expect it to keep going. We’ve onboarded some amazing new talent, including several new Architects and DeZigners, to our team over the last year to meet this ever growing demand. It’s been an exciting time and one that we don’t take for granted! Having a larger team doesn’t just lead to more projects. With so many talented individuals, we have more inspiration, more perspectives and more creativity! This year, Ionic DeZigns will be pushing the boundaries that we’re already redrawing even further.

We’re Baring It All

Ionic DeZigns is constantly reiterating and reimagining the possibilities of architecture. In fact, it’s a defining characteristic of our firm. Unfortunately, our audience rarely sees how big our ideas can get, because these innovations often live only as concepts and renderings. The most forward-thinking concepts are rarely built, but they push the realm of possibility nonetheless. The exciting part is knowing that these innovations WILL eventually be part of your daily life.

Our typical retail, commercial and residential landscapes are changing fast and IONIC can envision where it’s going. We’d like our audience, clients and patrons to see how their daily lives can change in the future, too. So, in 2022, we’re going to share all of these ideas with you. Keep up with us by subscribing to our newsletter and social channels to stay in the know.

Moving Forward

IONIC has been a leader in capturing the visions of businesses, leaders, and homeowners for twenty-two years. We have always referred to it as the IONIC Masterplan. But now, we think it’s time to rebrand the idea of the IONIC Masterplan. What we do is more than just vision. It’s about the ability to merge far-out ideas, big dreams and real spaces into a single project and ultimately bring it to life. In 2022, we’ll be changing the way we share our big ideas and what we’ll call this exciting process. Be sure to keep an eye out!