Q: Why do pay applications always ask for the architect’s signature?

A: Most financial institutions that are lending on a project will typically require the architect to review the work performed and confirm that the pay application is accurate.

The process requires that the architect visit the job site and review the construction progress, and compare that to the pay application. The goal is to ensure that the work performed matches the pay application, and that the general contractor hasn’t mistakenly billed for more than has been completed.

NOTE: The architect of record needs to visit the site or at a minimum, have significant information available such as photos or videos to confirm the status. It would be unprofessional and potentially create liability to sign the documents without real knowledge of work performed.

Often the owner or developer doesn’t have enough knowledge to properly review the progress and therefore will ask their architect to confirm the on-the-ground status. These services traditionally fall under the category of Contract Administration (CA) where the architect has been hired to review and respond to Requests for Information (RFI) from the contractor. Other services are included within this scope.

If you have questions about pay applications and the role of an architect in your project during construction, please get in touch.

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