Chris Warren

Since graduating from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2011, Chris seeks to provide clients with the best experience possible. Having worked mainly in residential construction, he has a multitude of experience in low-income housing, multifamily residential, and single-family homes.

As an architecture intern for Americorps, Chris learned how architecture can have a deeply meaningful impact on someone’s life and well being. Since then he constantly strives to apply that knowledge into his every decision. At IONIC, his goal is to make the client feel like part of the team to create an outcome that exceeds their basic requirements.

In 2020, Chris received his registered architect designation and he looks forward to working on an expanding portfolio of projects.

8 years total, 2 year with Ionic DeZign Studios

2020 / Professional Architect / Virginia

Bachelor of Architecture / Virginia Tech / 2011

“Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.”

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe