Moti Marziano

Moti Marziano joined IONIC after 15 years as the Director of Architecture and Principal of another local architecture firm. Moti relocated to the United States from Israel in 2003. His education and professional experience from both countries gives him a strong technical background in construction documents in addition to a creative approach to design.

Mr. Marziano is also skilled at producing photorealistic conceptual renderings and graphic design. He has an extensive portfolio that spans from private residential homes to large commercial projects. In addition to expressing his creativity through architecture, he is a talented artist who works in the medium of oil paint on canvas in a surrealist style. His preferable architectural style is the Contemporary Style, while applying new technology and materials through his designs.

20 years total, 2 year with Ionic DeZign Studios

2009 / Professional Architect / Virginia

Bachelor of Architecture / Hampton University / 2006
Practical Engineer in Architecture /
Technological College of Beer Sheva / 2001

“A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.”

– Napoleon Hil