Goodman and Sons Jewelers

  • Client

    Goodman Jewelers, Hampton, VA

  • Project Data

    • Size: 12,274 SF
    • Design: 2003
    • Construction: 2004-2005
    • Construction Cost: $3,000,000
  • Team

    • DeZigner: D. Eugene Thompson
    • Structural: Sinclair Pratt Cameron
    • MEP: Striffler Engineering Associates
    • GC: Scott Thomas Construction

An exciting project from start to finish, with a far-reaching supply of challenges from the owner, contractor, and technology… IONIC was instrumental in developing a new retail facility on the site of an old restaurant. This was the first step in a lengthy design process. The jewelry store was contained within a two-story shell, while four one-story retail spaces flanked each side. Interior space planning, custom curved-glass jewelry cases, domed vaulted ceilings and the newest LED technology to be used in any commercial jewelry store became an exhaustive pursuit of perfection! This resulted in one of the most sophisticated lighting systems that “truly sells” the diamonds– sparkles inside the cabinet and the continuation of sparkle, once the ring is out of the cabinet and on the customer’s finger!

There was a flurry of creative cabinetry demanding maximum attention to detail, and strict criteria established by the immense value of the precious gems within. Goodman’s is one of the few jewelry stores in Hampton Roads that has the ability to repair, design, and fabricate jewelry. Every inch, every perception, every step through the interior becomes an orchestration of dazzling brilliance. Corporate offices that overlook the sales floor, high-tech security measures, and the retail space all reflect an image reminiscent of a luxurious Las Vegas Casino.

Additional Project Photos