• McDonalds Corporate Office Design Detail

McDonalds Corporate Office

  • Client

    McDonalds Corporate

  • Project Data

    • Size: 16,000 SF
    • Construction Cost : $1,400,000 (September 2000)
  • Team

    • General Contractor: Hoy
    • MEP: Roach Consulting Engineering

The 18,000 square foot McDonald’s Regional Corporate Office on the 25th floor of the Dominion Tower Building began to feel the effects of its dated and malfunctioning late 80’s motif. In order to create a fun yet functional work environment IONIC took its inspiration from items found within McDonald’s restaurants.

For instance, the reception desk emulates an ordering counter (appearing clutter free) yet incorporating all necessary office equipment. One of the conference rooms is reminiscent of a large box of fries, from which four large fries escaped and were strung together in a playful colonnade serving as touchdown stations . IONIC was able to rearrange work stations adjacent to windows and move conferences to the central core allowing more use of the natural daylight. We were able to retain some of the existing wood paneling and mullion system for re-use as well as barter the old furniture for the services of a local sign fabricator.

We were able to incorporate McDonald’s brand throughout the space; over forty (40) scattered file cabinets were installed along one of the major circulation routes, decorated with a vinyl collage of the “arches.” The office was further streamlined through the creation of storage towers for various electronic machines such as faxes and printers. The Regional Manager’s office (The Big Mac) used many of the materials found throughout the space; however, it required a touch of elegance. A personal conference room was attached to the office. The two are linked as one by large patterned glass panels with wood flooring stretching underneath, while powerful aluminum lighting armatures soar over the wall and cantilever just above the executive desk.

This project created a beautiful tribute to the impression McDonald’s has left on the minds of those “billions and billions served”.

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