Nationwide Office

  • Client

    Greenbrier Parkway, LLC

  • Project Data

    • Size: 11,800 SF
    • Construction Cost: $1,200,000 (September 2006)
  • Team

    • Contractor: Advantis
    • Structural: Sinclair Pratt Cameron
    • MEP: Striffler Engineering Assoc.

IONIC’s client initially requested a simple “box” building located toward the back of their project site. Our site evaluation and facility programming processes uncovered and distilled market opportunities and facility aspirations which were note initially voiced, and lead to a design which is definitely outside that “box”.

The new 11,800-square-foot office complex sits front and center on the property, just off the main access road. The cantilevered curtain walls that seem to defy all attempts to view the building at a “proper” angle, also defy the definition of “box”. Adding to the impact, an undulating canopy built from aluminum sheeting reflects the festive building lighting in a prism of bright colors. A wealth of decorative lighting illuminates the facility, from both the interior and the exterior brick façade. The interior lights create an almost spectral mood as the building seems to glow from within. The outside lights cast long shadows while washing the exterior with bursts of capricious lights. While the design was certainly a challenging structural feat, the angled curtain walls are an excellent demonstration of craftsmanship and innovation. The blue glass reflects the sky and the clouds, and the building appears to change daily depending on the weather.

It required a team of dedicated designers, engineers and contractors to complete this work of art. In the end, to the delight of our client, it was much more than the mere “box” initially envisioned.

Additional Project Photos