Creating Places and Spaces that Enrich the
Lives of Those Who Use Them

What we do

IONIC provides custom architectural design with a personalized approach. From site and space planning through complete permit and construction documents to ultimately, construction contract administration, we bring your vision to life.

How we do it

Our team of designers and architects works closely to support a value system where client relationships are paramount. IONIC’s core values guide every decision: Innovation, Creativity, Teamwork, Respect, Problem Solving and Family.

Why it matters

Selecting the right architectural firm for your project involves more than technical expertise and experience. While those are important, we believe a successful project stems from the people on the team and how they work on the client’s behalf.








Combined Years


Form is more than the look and feel — it’s the emotional response people have to a space. Does it resonate with the people who will use it in a way that supports the mission of the building? Whether it’s a creative office or a place of worship, great design supports the reason the space exists.


Great looking spaces need to accomplish the primary task of providing a functional building. Traffic flow, sight lines, privacy, M/E/P systems and structural considerations all must blend together to create an environment that supports, rather than impedes, the building’s functions.

The IONIC Approach

  • the IONIC Masterplan:


    “You know what you want, we know how to get you there.”

    Ionic DeZign Studios has a unique approach to projects in our care. We assist clients in recognizing their own vision and use it as a guide, while still creatively meeting the demands of the final product.  We call this process the IONIC Masterplan.

    the IONIC Masterplan begins by familiarizing ourselves with the client and compiling data. This spans everything from ripped magazine pages of inspiration to budget considerations. Once we have a confident understanding of our client’s needs, we use decades of interdisciplinary and niche-industry experience to create distinct plans that solve for both form and function.

    To ensure building owners are happy, every decision is evaluated with a thorough review and REVIT modeling process. Finally, we tap into the native knowledge of our communities to ensure the project will be approved, before moving forward.

  • Production

    “Design comes together, line by line”

    Here we bring the vision to life, allowing time for owner input along the way.

    Production begins with the Schematic Design. Preliminary pieces come together as we begin pricing and pause for another design review. Design Development fills out detailed structural and mechanical touches such as lighting, plumbing and added features.

    Finally, Construction Documents are produced. These sealed working documents identify everything needed for successful construction, including specific materials, finishes and product numbers. These documents are then handed to the chosen builder to begin construction.



  • Contract Administration


    “It’s not over, until it’s over”

    Contract administration is an important part of the IONIC process that many firms skip. As client advocates, we believe that our work continues until the building is complete.

    Permitting – Our clients hire us to create a permittable drawing gset. We submit all required documents to the local building authorities and ensure approval of the plans.

    Bidding & Negotiation – While we have a network of skilled and interdisciplinary contractors and builders, we’re happy to work with a builder of our client’s choosing.

    Observation – To ensure a high-quality product, we remain engaged during the build phase of each project. We provide expert and third-party inspections during the construction process. That means regular visits to the site and a continued presence of the IONIC team for the client.