Cool Wave Car Wash

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    Cool Wave Car Wash

Ionic DeZign Studios is excited to spearhead the design of the state-of-the-art Cool Wave Car Wash facility strategically situated on Indian River Rd. in Virginia Beach, VA. Our comprehensive involvement encompasses Architectural Design, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to delivering a seamlessly integrated and visually stunning car wash facility.

At the core of our design is a sophisticated tunnel-style car wash building, embodying sleekness, and functionality. While the engineering specifics for the car wash are entrusted to external experts, our team assumes a pivotal role in meticulously calculating and preparing for “hold-down” wind forces originating from the open ends of the drive-thru. This commitment ensures the facility’s structural integrity and resilience against external forces.

Ionic brings a wealth of expertise to the project, guaranteeing that every facet of the Cool Wave Car Wash is thoughtfully planned and executed. The result is a cutting-edge facility that harmoniously blends functionality, durability, and aesthetic excellence, setting a new standard for car wash experiences.

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