Welcoming Summer Intern, Charlotte McGraw

Charlotte is a rising senior at Virginia Tech pursuing a bachelor of science degree in Interior Design. She grew up in Richmond, Virginia but living in Virginia Beach for the summer while working with IONIC! Charlotte is excited to learn about in a real working environment and hoping to pursue a Master in Architecture and eventually enter the hospitality industry for commercial interior design.

We asked Charlotte a few questions about how she came to architecture and her hopes for her summer with IONIC:

What brings you to the industry? 

I have always had a passion for studio art and design, and anything that would allow me to be creative. I am inspired and captivated by the purpose behind design decisions and the opportunities to create impactful structures and spaces. This catered to my interest in architecture as it allowed me to use my creativity and curiosity in a professional setting, while solving complex problems and finding innovative solutions. I love to work with people and be hands-on, and feel as though this industry ties all of these areas together.

What discipline of architecture are you most interested in pursuing? 

The discipline of architecture I am most interested in pursuing is Interior Design. I am also thinking about graduate school to pursue a Masters in Architecture degree following my bachelors. I hope to go into the hospitality industry for commercial interiors, because I love the design freedom that comes with it. You can really think outside the box and push boundaries with less limitations, creating memorable spaces that make the user want to come back.

What do you believe you can gain from your internship with IONIC? 

I believe I am going to gain valuable experience with IONIC as I am in a real working environment helping with real projects, versus a classroom setting. I am gaining an understanding the flow and process of an architecture and design firm while learning a lot from these professionals. Since starting a little over a week ago, I am already getting exposed to more aspects of the design industry I would not be able to in school, such as visiting a project’s construction site and working with MEP engineers. This experience will also help me expand my network and build a stronger foundation for my future career. I am so excited for the rest of the summer with IONIC!