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Ask IONIC #7 – Construction Duration

Ask IONIC is a napkin series of questions that we often hear from our client and others that may assist those who are also seeking answers.

No question is dumb… just the ones you don’t ask.

We hope these will help you understand our industry just a little better so you can make informed decisions on your project.

Information that leads to knowledge is the key to success.

How long will it take to build my project?

Let me first help to define this question since we get it often.
1. Are you talking about designing and producing construction documents?

2. Are you talking about getting all your permits?

3. Or are you actually talking about digging, hammering and seeing the project physically take shape in the field?

All three are different questions.

Short answers:
1. Depends on the complexity of your project. Small build outs or retail projects we have completed in 2-4 weeks. Others take months. IONIC always gives you an anticipated timeline.

2. Permits are out of our control. Some cities are quick to respond and others just don’t have the manpower to review the documents quickly. Civil drawings typically take much longer than building review.

3. Construction periods are best determined by the actual contractor doing the work. We can always estimate the time frame using historical data but each project is different.

OK…that really didn’t answer your question. I know.

Many of the same factors that affect cost also determine your project’s timeline. Permitting, financing and weather also play a major role in deciding when you can occupy your new space. IONIC understands that the sooner you can move into your new building, the sooner you can get started in business and make money.

In addition to spending hours to fully design our clients’ projects, we also outline the expectations of the time table for all the phases.

The time table also needs to take into account the method of project delivery. Design-Bid-Build or Design-Build?

Design-build construction’s cost efficiency, time savings, and collaborative nature have made it popular among clients for everything from commercial and municipal buildings to sports facilities, churches, restaurants, manufacturing plants, medical facilities, and more.

The design-build process can be much more fluid than traditional design-bid-build. Instead of long gaps of time (and remember, time is money) between different phases of a project being completed by different participants, each member of a design-build team works together from the start and during every step of the process to help move things along quickly and more smoothly.

We have experienced fewer design changes and cost overruns when design-build is employed due to improved communication between all parties. The increase in collaboration enables customization and innovation, which results in less time and fewer materials being wasted at each stage of the project. The result? A higher quality deliverable—with no surprises—ultimately resulting in increased satisfaction by the owner.

IONIC strives to maintain constant communication with our clients, allowing them to be informed about all aspects of their project. Our construction administration team meets daily to discuss project developments and construction progress.

IONIC’s communication doesn’t stop when the blueprints and conceptual drawings have been drawn up.

We believe that it’s crucial not only for our team to start working on a project from the beginning, but also to have the same team members following through with construction administration to the end.

Not only does this mean your project is under constant supervision, but it ensures issues are resolved before they happen, saving our clients time, money and headaches.

After all, your time is important, too.