DeZign Trend: Restaurants Take It Outside

Ionic DeZign Studios has completed countless eatery designs over the past twenty-one years in business, making our team the go-to firm for beautiful and functional restaurants accompanied by forward-thinking touches.


When it comes to the ever-changing restaurant trends, we’ve found that ones serving up solutions to sector-specific problems are the ones with staying power. A great example is happening as we speak! Owners everywhere are seeking ways to improve the eating-out experience in a post-pandemic world. From increased outdoor seating to ultra convenient take-out processes, these pandemic-related accommodations are here to stay. 


Simplified Take Out – Dine-in restaurants built without to-go ordering in mind are suffering. Patrons dislike jumping through hoops and restaurant staff members waste time and energy corralling customers through various lines to order and then receive their take-out. 


“What line do I go through?” 

“Where am I supposed to stand?” 

“Where does my food come out?”


We’ve all asked these questions at some point in the last year while trying to enjoy food from one of our favorite restaurants. Fewer and fewer people want to dine in, and it’s imperative to account for that during your build by establishing a simplified take-out process during the design phase. Examples include highly visible and dedicated take-out windows, convenient walkups, improved outdoor waiting areas and, of course, the installation of drive-through service. Help your operation smoothly sail far into the future by considering these trends in your restaurant build. 


Improved Outdoor Spaces – Outdoor spaces aren’t just for eating anymore; they’re where people feel most comfortable gathering. Whether that means enjoying dinner, attending a performance, participating in outdoor games or even receptions – these spaces are invaluable. Make your restaurant the first choice for meeting friends and family by expanding upon the normal outdoor eating space. We’re seeing restaurants make their outdoor spaces bigger and friendlier with ample seating and custom lighting. Many are also making their outdoor spaces  accessible year-round by installing outdoor heating and creating beautifully covered and paved areas. 


As a leader in designing restaurants for form and function, IONIC understands how to create modern spaces that solve current issues. If you’re ready to get started on your own ground-up restaurant venture or desire to retrofit your current space, give IONIC a call.