McDonalds Corporate Office Interior Detail

Architectural Archives: Three Iconic IONIC Projects

Welcome to a new series here at Iconic DeZign Studios called “Architectural Archives,” where we take an appreciative and nostalgic look back at iconic Ionic projects from the archive. This month, we are highlighting three Hampton Roads projects that continue to inspire and captivate, and have taken a defining role in our firm’s design history.

Knuckleheads Roadhouse Cafe Transformation

Let’s rewind to the epic journey of converting a bakery outlet into Knuckleheads Roadhouse Cafe! Located near Southside Harley Davidson, Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach, this project was a creative marvel.

One of the challenges we faced was crafting a biker-style spot with family appeal. We were able to create ample dining spaces, and outdoor decks wrapped around the building.

We also put the IONIC touch on it by designing exposed structural elements, spiral ductwork, and metal fixtures to utilize the space’s character.

Stainless steel checker plating and metal mesh adorned the bars, combining style with a rugged vibe. Suspended drywall “clouds” added depth and artistry to the bar zones.

Copper roofing, metal panels, and wooden flooring shaped the interior, while bike-themed art bridged lunch and nightlife.

Jody's PopcornJodi’s Popcorn
Now, step back with us to the time when Jody’s Popcorn transformed into a lively haven at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Waves of color swept through the store, courtesy of IONIC’s creative designs, capturing the vibrant beach atmosphere.

A rolling blue ceiling guided visitors through this popcorn wonderland, splitting it into two distinct spaces. On one side, suspended kernels defied gravity in a massive popcorn box, while on the other, a life-sized surfer rode crashing waves off the wall.

The store’s walls showcased intricate graphics, depicting the charm of Virginia Beach’s Tidewater Area. It was more than shopping; it was a stroll through the best of the beach city. Bright sculptures, dazzling hues, and captivating images turned every corner into an adventure. Jody’s Popcorn offered not just treats, but an immersive experience of beach excitement and boardwalk charm.

Let’s cherish the memories of those sun-soaked days when each kernel popped with joy and every wave crashed with delight.

McDonald’s Corporate OfficeMcDonalds Corporate Office Interior Detail

Of course, we can’t forget the project that started it all – the remarkable makeover of McDonald’s corporate office. From this initial endeavor, Eugene laid the foundation for what our studio represents today.

While the McDonald’s corporate office no longer graces the Dominion Tower Building, its enduring influence courses through our veins. The reception desk’s metamorphosis into an ordering counter, the playful conference rooms, and our artful dance with natural light all pay homage to the timeless charm of McDonald’s.

And let’s not forget “The Big Mac” Manager’s office – a testament to sophistication and innovation. As we breathe new life into spaces, we carry forward the legacy of McDonald’s, etching its story into the heart of our deZigns.

We hope you enjoyed this look back at iconic IONIC designs. Stay tuned to continue exploring the work that has defined who we are and helped shape our community.