Custom Designed Millwork

First thought that pops into your mind when you hear “CUSTOM”?…..yes, I want it…..probably too expensive.

EXACTLY! We hear it at IONIC all the time. Clients really want that WOW piece as customers walk in their doors but too often it just cannot be affordable.

First let me define MILLWORK so we can share our thoughts on what we will be discussing. If it’s what you’re thinking then you can keep on reading or just jump to the pictures.

MILLWORK typically refers to a type of cabinetry product….made in a mill shop. It can be a reception desk, counters, kitchen cabinets, desks, credenzas, sales counters and more. Doesn’t always have to be made of wood but often is for ease of customization.

So what makes it custom? Well it can be a one of a kind. A unique piece that is made especially for your office, store or home. The colors and materials are what you want, the finished are what you want and most importantly IT FITS WHERE YOU BUILT IT FOR.

Another aspect that a custom MILLWORK piece can provide is function. Along with the custom look and custom fit, this piece can meet your specific needs when it comes to function. Most standard pieces are made to be very flexible without too many specialties so that the end user can FIT their stuff in. Unfortunately, more often than not, the fit doesn’t meet the end users expectations. They are just too generic.

Let me give a few quick easy examples. How about a food sales ordering counter? You know there will be equipment on the top and underneath. How will your equipment fit? Will it still have easy access? Will the refrigerator fit underneath? Can supplies be stored inside or quick use? With a custom built MILLWORK piece the answer is often YES!

How about a reception desk? We have found over the years that most offices often have a person that is a greeter when you walk into an office or other business establishment. First impression is the desk or counter they are working behind. So often this piece is used as an impressive piece and first introduction of the business.

So is it just a pretty cabinet? Heavens no! They are not just answering phones there either. The front desk typically has to function as a full fledge office desk too. Computer, monitor, printer, console phone, storage plus all the traditional pens, paper, etc that need to be there. Oh yes, and look nice too when your customers walk in and not appear as a mess!

Or how about a crazy desk made from reclaimed pieces of Shipping container….or anything else? Sometimes it doesnt have to be made of wood and laminate or metal, a creative mind can construct something that will be one of a kind imaginative piece specifically for your business.

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